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Transpersonal Development

by Roberto Assagioli

Transpersonal Development
The Dimension Beyond Psychosynthesis
by Roberto Assagioli

Produced 13 years after the author's death, Transpersonal Development: The Dimension Beyond Psychosynthesis is a collection of writings by Roberto Assagioli which were originally notes, essays, speeches and lectures. The writings contain practical guidelines for anyone undertaking the task of self-knowledge and self-realization.

The Smiling Wisdom edition is a new translation.

Book Extracts: sample pages from Transpersonal Development
Will Project Transpersonal Development entry contains more extracts.


Part One: The Study of the Superconscious

  1. The Awakening and Development of Spiritual Consciousness
  2. The Superconscious
  3. Psychological Mountaineering
  4. Expanding the Consciousess: Conquering and Exploring the Worlds Within
  5. The Superconscious and Artistic Creation
  6. Transpersonal Inspiration
  7. Vertical Telepathy
  8. Symbols of Transpersonal Experience

Part Two: Spiritual Awakening

  1. The Stages and Crises of Spiritual Development
  2.  Spiritual Development and Neuro-Psychological Disturbances
  3. Mysticism and Medicine
  4. The Awakening of the Soul
  5. Purification of the Soul
  6. The Science of Applied Purification
  7. Obstacles to Spiritual Development: Fear
  8. The Fear of Suffering: Reflections on Pain
  9. Obstacles to Spiritual Development: Attachments
  10. Emotional and Mental Obstacles: Aggression and Criticism

Part Three: Spirituality in Everyday life

  1. Twentieth-Century Spirituality
  2. Transmutation and Sublimation of the Emotional and Sexual Energies
  3. Money and the Spiritual Life
  4. Martha and Mary: the Active Life - the Contemplative Life
  5. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Beauty
  6. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Love
  7. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Joy
  8. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Power and Will
  9. Reflections on Peace


The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: the Moral Sense

The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: the Desire to Know and the Capacity for Knowledge

Bibliographical Notes


ISBN: 0953081125
(Alternate ISBNs: 1855382911, 1852740620)

Español: Psicosíntesis: Ser Transpersonal

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